cover art

the scales

“Teach us to race against racism and empower women. There is a girl that is holding up scales. The scales have words on each side. The side that is the heaviest is the more negative side.”– Nia Husband, age 12


This edition’s cover artist enjoyed a girl-centric summer camp experience, attending Rosie’s Girls at YWCA Rhode Island. The camp offers a unique experience for adolescent girls to build self-esteem, perseverance, and leadership through learning and applying basic skills in the trades. Out of school, her hobbies are drawing, traveling, scrapbooking and making jewelry. In school, she enjoys Calculator Club and Golf. She is a 7th grader at Community Prep School. “I enjoy having clubs and going to something called Town Meeting . . . one class performs for the whole school . . . It feels like a community.”